Curing hair loss with Minoxidile Shampoo

Hair loss or going bald is a nightmare for anyone. Hair is something we love most to take care of. Whether you are going to the office or in a party, the first things we all do is combing our lovely hair or even stylize it with some fancy hair gel or spray. After all, hair is something that emphases out personality. So, when the hair starts falling due to ageing or whatever reason, it is not a good experience at all. Don’t panic though as now there is something that can actually stop your hair from falling.

Minoxidile shampoo

Minoxidile shampoo is an over the counter drug that actually help to prevent hair loss. It’s the first ever drug to be approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to be used as a treatment to cure male and female baldness.

How does it help curing hair fall?

Monixidile shampoo is a powerful drug that is made in combination of industrial grade pharmaceutical ingredients. It works synergistically to reduce or DHT or dihydric testosterone. DHT is a naturally occurring chemical binds the hair to the hair follicle and interfere with proper hair growth. Minoxidile shampoo prevents production of DHT and helps to slow down hair fall or allows new hair to grow. The detail of the product could be found in minoxidil shampoo reviews. You can find out about this product in detail on this website. Please have look at the link if you are serious about preventing hair loss.

How long does the shampoo take to show result?

Well, minoxidil shampoo is no miracle. It’s a drug. And every drug takes time to show any result. It could take months to show any result and to see how much effective the shampoo. A bald head won’t grow thick hair overnight using the minoxidile shampoo. It can take about 18 to 24 months show result.

Does it really work or it is just some hoax

It is no hoax. Monoxidil shampoo has been proven very effective in many and woman. A survey had been done to see the result of using minoxidil shampoo. The result shows significant improvement of hair growth in both men and women.

Any side effect

As most of the drug has side effect, minoxidil shampoo is no exception. There are some minor side effects such as-

  • Itching skin
  • Sudden increased hair loss in initial stage
  • Light headache or dizziness etc.

7 bad habits that make your hair thinner

Your  hair have fallen a lot and you don’t know why?

Various aspects of our lifestyle affect the strength of the hair fiber. Many women suffer from hair loss for several reasons. The main causes may be related to stress and bad habits daily.

See below, what are the habits to be avoided and our tips to make hair stronger and healthier.

1-Take very hot baths

Hot water dehydrates the wires, leaving the hair dry, brittle and prone to fall, causing also the scaling of the scalp.

What to do in this case?

To avoid the dryness of your hair wash them with lukewarm or cold water. In addition it is important to do a weekly hydration with products compatible with your type of hair. A hydration helps keep the threads soft and shiny. You should also continue using your minoxidil shampoo in the meantime.

2 – the use of flat iron and dryer

The exposure of hair to the intense heat can damage proteins and the cuticle of the hair, so the ideal is to limit the use of flat iron and dryer.

Tip: You certainly do not need to use every day. Then, you can use 2 or 3 times a week, for example.

Another tip is to always use a heat resistant spray to protect your hair from heat and let them brighter.

3 – do not wash their hair frequently

It may even seem less laborious stop washing your hair for a few days, but if it becomes a habit, you can be sure that it won’t be good for the hair, because lack of washing can do with that leftover products to build up between the hair, besides leaving the oily scalps. The accumulation of products in the root can clog the pores of the scalp and affect the growth of the wires.

What to do?

It is important to wash the hair frequently, at least every two days especially if you perspire or uses many products.

4-use of some medications

Some medications (antidepressants, anti-anxiety meds, among others); or hormones can cause hair loss. These may interfere with the normal cycle of hair growth, causing them to go into a resting phase and cause permanent loss.

Tip: check with your doctor the possibility of prescribing alternative medications in order to avoid the fall of yarns.

5-crash dieting

We all know that eating well is essential to maintain our brain and body functioning do not feed properly can cause hair loss. It is therefore important to make meals rich in protein such as fish, chicken, lentils and beans.

6 – Stress

It is known as one of the most common causes for the fall of the hair.

Stress causes a hormone imbalance in our body, which results in hair loss. Therefore, if you have been feeling stressed, the ideal is to try to sleep well and maintain adequate food and Furthermore, consult a physician to help solve the problem.

7-Sleep with wet hair

Sleeping with wet hair can leave scalp stuffy and more prone to the development of fungi and bacteria. So nothing better than dry your hair before bedtime to avoid falling of hair.